About CropBytes

CropBytes is a farming simulation crypto game with an open economy where you can grow a virtual business.

Own assets, take care of them, trade them in an open market, and use your skills to be successful.

Available to Android Playstore, IOS Appstore, and WebGl

It’s very easy to get started as CropBytes is a hybrid platform with the best from the web2 and web3 experiences. Ethereum, Polygon, and Tron are supported blockchains that you can use to get assets in and out of the game.

Over the years, CropBytes has grown beyond a mere game; it's become an economy on its own. The value of in-game assets has steadily appreciated, especially during 2021. We aim to empower our dedicated community to cultivate and nurture their crypto farms, fostering a thriving metaverse built to endure the test of time.

Being a simulation game, we've built upon the sustainable economics of reality, ensuring that every move you make contributes to the growth of your virtual empire and the entire economy!

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