Private Tournaments

The Private Tournament feature lets you dive into exclusive fishing competitions with your fellow farmers. Get ready to have a go at the fun! You'll need a special entry code from the tournament organizer to join within the set start and end times. Keep in mind, that there are limited spots available, so secure your place and aim for those top-three positions on the leaderboard.

Participating in a private tournament is straightforward. When you're at the fishing spot, just click on the 'Private' button, enter the tournament code, and you're good to compete.

What's even better? Your scores in private tournaments also count towards the general leaderboard, giving you more chances to showcase your skills and win rewards.

And for those who like to share their victories, we've added a 'share-on-socials' button for your best scores. You can even join a tournament directly through an external link shared by the private tournament creator.

Please note that, in this beta version of the Private Tournament, only CropBytes can create tournaments and share participation codes. We'll be working closely with our partners to make the most of this feature.

In the upcoming version, you, as farmers, will have the opportunity to create your tournaments, including options for paid or free participation.

Here's what you need to remember for Private Tournaments:

Entry Code: Each tournament has a unique code, generated by the tournament creator.

Period: Tournaments have specific start and end times, so participate within that window.

Rewards: Exclusive rewards for the top three scorers in each tournament. Will you be among them?

Limited Slots: Every tournament has a restricted number of slots, so be sure to secure your spot!

So, why wait? It's time to cast your line and reel in some impressive catches in the CropBytes Fishing Mini Game Tournament. With the daily leaderboard reset and the addition of private tournaments, there's always a reason to come back for more farming fun.

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