In the CropBytes metaverse, feed production involves grinding harvested crops and fruits, resulting in four distinct feed types:

Corn Feed: This feed is created by grinding harvested Corn Crops using dedicated mills. For specific grinding times and fees, please refer to our detailed documentation. Regular animals rely on Corn Feed for their sustenance during weekdays (Monday to Saturday).

Carrot Feed: Similar to Corn Feed, Carrot Feed is produced by grinding harvested Carrot Crops in mills. Pro Animals and Superheroes consume Carrot Feed during weekdays (Monday to Saturday).

Fruit Feed: Fruit Feed is obtained by grinding various fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas in mills. All Animals, Pro Animals, and Superheroes enjoy Fruit Feed exclusively on Sundays. Fruit feed is also used for crafting pro mix.

Breed Feed: This special feed is crafted using a recipe that combines various extracts, including pro extracts. Breed Feed serves a unique purpose during breeding and is exclusively consumed by Superheroes.

For more in-depth insights into feed production and consumption in CropBytes, explore our detailed resources here.

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