Bait Fishing

To participate in the Bait Fishing Tournament, follow these steps:

Head over to the Fishing Area.

Use your Fishing Rod to start the game.

In this tournament, you earn points by catching fish, and the larger the fish, the more points you'll collect. Keep an eye on the live leaderboard, where only the top three players with the highest scores will be featured.

Here's some important information about this fishing mini-game tournament:

The leaderboard highlights the highest score achieved, so aim for the top spot.

Rewards are distributed as follows: 1st Place receives 75 CBX, 2nd Place gets 50 CBX, and 3rd Place earns 25 CBX.

Each user can secure only one position on the leaderboard, considering their highest score.

This tournament resets daily at 00:00 CropBytes time, offering a chance to compete and win every day.

To ensure your name appears on the leaderboard, make sure to set your farm name.

There's no limit to how many times you can play the fishing mini-game, so reel in CBX Tokens effortlessly through the art of bait fishing and claim your rewards!

Keep trying until you reach the top three and claim your rewards.

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