An entrepreneur & hardware engineer for the past 9 years, Sandeep has provided technology transfer of innovative power electronic projects to 80+ companies in India & 250+ companies across the globe. These products designed by Sandeep run in millions of homes worldwide. Interestingly, Sandeep applied for 2 provisional Patents at the age of 23. He has built many devices and gadgets to simplify people's lives. Sandeep is the Founder of CropBytes, the first known simulation genre game in the crypto and blockchain space. Sandeep has been in the crypto and blockchain space for the past 4 years and has seen both bear and bull cycles and sustained the organisation through it all.

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Has 7 years of software development experience on native Android & iOS apps. Developed navigation and tracking-related apps for organisations like Axa, McAfee, Thomson Reuters and First Source. Experienced in automotive infotainment domain and developed Android launcher for car cluster. Now in mobile game development with C# and Unity Technology.​

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Sheryl is CropBytes’ Branding and Marketing Specialist. She co-founded SafeDays, a chatbot that would help women with fun updates on their mood and period cycle. Sheryl has over 9 years of experience in Branding, Advertising and Marketing across industries such as entertainment, and finance and has worked with organisations such as OML, Development Bank Of Singapore, and IDFC Bank. Sheryl brings her experience from leading digital marketing for various startups and products, while also having previous startup experience. Together with her strong leadership and creative skills, she has helped expand the game across many demographics.​

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