Breeding Superheroes

Breeding Superheroes

Superheroes can be bread to make super babies. Gen 0 Superheroes can only be obtained by burning CBX. There are 6 unique types of Gen 0 superheroes. 3 Male and 3 Female.

Each pair you breed with will give you a different superhero baby. To breed superheroes you need:

Superhero Breeding Rules

  • During the breeding process, 4 Breed Feed is required by the pair.

  • It takes 72 Days to breed Gen 1A and 28 Days to breed a Gen 1B superhero.

  • 3 extra days are added for each day missed.

  • Breeding can not be paused or stopped once started.

  • Superhero houses deployed on your farm or listed in trading can’t be used for breeding.

  • Assets and superheroes locked in breeding, cannot be listed for trade.

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