Speed Fishing

Get ready to dive into the thrill of Speed Fishing Mode! Since its launch back in March 2023, it's been a hit with the CB community, with skilled anglers raking in thousands of CBX. Now, we're levelling up the excitement even more! Pool rewards with fellow farmers, resulting in bigger rewards and fostering faster gameplay, which in turn generates more excitement.

Fishing Frenzy: Forget about the small-medium-large order – now, the faster you fish, the more points you score. Each fish has its unique speed and behaviour to keep you on your toes. Get ready for some sizzling action with those fishing rods!

Bonus Adventures: Boost your points with bonus missions. Imagine reeling in 3 small fish in a row for a fantastic 3x bonus! Completing these thrilling tasks will supercharge your scores.

Friends and Rewards: A pool entry fee contributes to the total prize pool. Bring in your farming buddies and let the competition kick-off. Remember, the more friends you invite, the bigger the pool reward at the end. After deducting a small platform fee, the rest goes to the winners. It's all up for grabs!

You have the choice between regular bait fishing and the adrenaline-packed speed fishing mode. Dive in and have a blast!

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