Animal Health and Feeding

Your farm animals require food daily. Different types of animals consume different quantities of feed, and also give different quantities of extracts. If missed, animals will lose out on health.

Feeding & Extracts

  • Animals require food daily, they will lose out on health if feeding is missed.

  • They will not produce extracts if feeding is missed.

  • Animals can be fed only once per day.

  • Regular Animals consume Corn Feed + Water daily & Fruit Feed + Water on Sundays.

  • Pro Animals consume Carrot Feed + Water daily and Fruit Feed + Water on Sundays.

  • During feeding, Players must have the total feed required for all the animals in a shed.

  • Animals lose 5% of their current health for each day feeding is skipped.

  • Animals will lose 10% of their current health if feeding is skipped on Sundays

  • Animals will not give any extracts if their health is below 80%.

Check out what your assets consume and produce:

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