Grazing mode = A break from health and chow!

To commence the grazing of your animals, make your way to the barn and select the "graze" option. Please note that grazing applies to all animals of the same type. Prior to sending them off to graze, ensure that you have already provided their daily meal.

Once your animals are dispatched for grazing, they will embark on a pastoral adventure, and you must exercise patience for a period of fourteen days before they return to the barn. It's important to be aware that there is a fee associated with sending your animals for grazing.

Animals Returning From Grazing

When your Pro-animals return from their seven-day grazing adventure, it's time to give them a good meal for the day. Remember, skipping their meal can make them lose some health .

Here's a simple rule: after they're back, you can't send them off to graze again for another 14 days.

For example, if you have 3 Zing and 2 Badshaw in your shed, you'll need to feed all the animals there first. Once you've done that, you can choose the Zing group and hit the Graze button. That way, all 3 Zings in your shed will take a little break, but the Badshaws won't be affected at all.

Rules for Animal Grazing

  • Grazing is applicable to all animals of the same type.

  • Feed is required before an animal is sent for grazing.

  • A fee is required for sending animals for grazing.

  • Once an animal is sent for grazing, it will be back only after 14 days.

  • Feed is required on the day the animals are back from grazing.

  • Missing feed will result in a loss of health, and missed extracts

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