Superhero NFT Collectibles

Superheroes with Superpowers!

CB Superheroes, integral to the CropBytes universe, encompass three generations: Gen 0, Gen 1A, and Gen 1B. These mystical characters serve dual purposes: as farm aids in the immersive farming simulation game and as formidable combatants in the action-packed CropBytes Conquest. In both contexts, they boost productivity and offer strategic advantages. Transitioned into ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain, these Superheroes possess unique on-chain attributes, enhancing their value and utility in the game's ecosystem.

Superhero Fighting Abilities

⚔️ Dive into their combat prowess:

Every Superhero masters 3 forms of Attacks: Melee (close combat), Ranged (distance attacks), and Ultimate (devastating power). These attacks vary in reach and damage, and they're tailored uniquely for each Superhero's type.

Imagine a battle taking place between Bloosm and Chichu. Your opponent executes an “Inferno Punch'' using their Bloosm and you retaliate with Chichu’s “Electro Pulse”.

With hundreds of unique, type-specific attacks, the battle strategy becomes an exhilarating mix of anticipation and surprise!

Ready to command the elements?

Check out the type of Powers, Rarity, Total Supply, and Token details.

More details on the Battle Mechanics will be revealed as the game development progresses. Stay tuned to the announcement channel to be on top of the news.

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