Mine CBX Tokens


Farmers can collect CBX by utilizing the Extracts and Utilities generated by Assets. Since CBX is the currency of the CropBytes verse, it’s essential to ensure that there is no oversupply of CBX. It's all about farming and making sure CBX stays valuable in the long run.

let’s explore a few things about CBX Mining:

Difficulty: This is like the level of challenge in your farming adventure. We figure it out by looking at how much CBX you actually In the world of CropBytes, we have something called CBX Mining. You see, farmers collect CBX by using the goodies produced by their animals and other assets. It's important to keep the right balance of CBX in circulation, so CBX mining works in a way that makes sure there's not too much CBX floating around.

Now, let's break it down:

Extracts: These are like the fruits of your labour. For instance, a 'Highland Cow' gives you 'Milk' and a 'Solar Panel' generates 'Power.'

Actual Produced CBX: This is how much CBX you've earned in a week by doing your farming.

make compared to what we thought you'd make. It's calculated using a fancy formula: (Actual produced CBX / Estimated CBX) raised to the power of 5. Sounds complex, but it helps us keep things interesting.

Conversion Rate: Every 10 weeks, the amount of CBX you get from your Extracts goes down by 10%. So, for example, in week 1, 4 Milk could get you 1 CBX, but by week 55, you'd need 6.44 Milk. We've already done the math and shared the rates, you can check them >here<.

Refining Time: Just like real-world mining, there's a waiting period involved in turning ore into shiny gold. Adding this step makes CBX more valuable, which is good news for you and your farm.

What happens when the difficulty level is 2:

When you've got a Difficulty level of 2 and a Refining Time of 7 Days, here's the deal: You'll need 8 Milk to get yourself 1 CBX, and it'll take 14 days to cook it up. All the details about CBX mining will be right there on the CBX supply page, so you'll always know what's what.

Different Ways to Create CBX

  1. Burn Extracts: You can individually convert your extracts to CBX.

  2. Craft Goods: You can convert extracts to CBX in combinations to get some Bonus. Find more about it here.


Out of the 500 million CBX tokens in total, a cool 38.23%, which is 191.1 million tokens, are set aside for the super fun in-game mining adventure! The Estimated CBX" supply in the CBX mining formula is represented by the unlock schedule shown in the graph below, similar to a treasure map.

You can check out the weekly supply targets right here for more details!

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